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Search Engines
  • Submit It - Submit It! to quickly, accurately, and easily submit your URL to over 15 catalogs on the Web.
  • Controlling Search Engine Robots - Everything you need to know about META tags and search engines.
  • The Link Exchange - The Internet Link Exchange (ILE) is a free public service that organizes web sites to advertise with each other.
  • TurboPromote - Promote your web site with hundreds of search engines,newsgroups, mailing lists, reciprocal links and banner advertisements.

Developer Tools

Free Online Utilities
  • GIF Bot - Speed up your Web site! Reduce the size of your web graphics by up to 90%.
  • Link Check - check your site for dead links.
  • HTML Check - Checks for bad HTML tags and checks your HTML syntax.
  • Browser Compatiblity - Find out how well your HTML is supported by the major browsers.
  • Load Time Check - Accelerate your Web site! Test the download time of your pages.
  • Spell Check - Check your page for spelling errors.
  • Server Check - Test the performance of your web site.
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  • Web Programmers' List - This list discusses the technical issues related to programming for the World-Wide Web.
USENET groups - Not all groups may be available on your news server.

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