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Use Keywords In Your Title

Many search engines weigh the data in your title more heavily than other data in your page. Make sure that your title has keywords that represent your site effectively.

Change Your Title

By changing your title periodically your page can be resubmitted and re-indexed multiple times by the search engines. Use judgement when resubmitting the same page several times. (Some consider this use of the search engines impolite or unfair.)

Use Meta Tags

If your page is made up of mostly graphics, use META tags so that robots will get a description and list of keywords to index. Don't list the same keyword more than three times in the meta keyword description. Keep your meta keyword tag short for better placement.

Keep Graphics Small

Many visitors leave your page before they ever see your message because it takes too long to load. By keeping your graphics small your visitors will be more likely to stay. Use GIF Wizard to condense your graphics color palet which decreases load time.

Break up Long Pages

By breaking up long pages into two or three pages you decrease the loading time of the page for your visitor and you have additonal pages to submit to the search engines adding depth to your site listing efforts. By making keyword changes in each page you may attract more people looking for the data contained in your page.

Exchange Links

Find other sites in the same category as your own and exchange links with them. Use the search engines to find the sites that rank in the top 20 or so. Surfers love to surf. If someone is interested in one (eg. graphics site), they're most likely interested in seeing yours.

Get Involved

Get involved in user groups and mailing lists. The signature of your email can earn a great deal of traffic if you get an article published in a popular mailing list or newsgroup.

Make Them Want To Come Back

If you can get the majority of visitors to come back to your site again and again, over time you will build a highly popular site.

Give Them Something For Free

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. Further, everyone likes the word FREE.

Change Your Page

Make sure that your site is up to date. No one likes to go to a page that never changes or that is very out of date. Make sure that the data in your page portrays the message that you want to send.

Never Stop Promoting

A good marketing campaign will run a full 3 to 4 months and that's just to get linked from the major search sites and build some repeat visitors.

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