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  • Never design in HTML, make sure you draw a draft of your site on paper or a white board so you have a better idea of how your site will look. You could waste hours designing in HTML, and may not get what you had seen in your head.

  •   is always a nice touch to start paragraphs.

  • When writing tables, try indenting the <tr> and <td> and multiple <table>. This will keep it neat and easy to edit.

  • Complete <IMG> tags completely, this saves regenerations on page load, and identifies images, when turned off, or in text based browsers. This is the #1 flaw of most web sites.

    The tag should include the height, and width of the image. These values should be correct, or even scallings of the original... NEVER thumbnail an image by changing the sizes of the original image inside the HTML tag. Finally, include the ALT tag. The 'alternative text' is very important. It should indicate the image meaning, and if linking to a larger image, should indicate the size of the linked image. IE, 'My house (123K)'

  • Front Page/IE supports a tag to color the horizontal rule, however, this is not yet allowed in HTML 4 and will not show up in Netscape.

  • Tables are wonderful layout tools, use them liberally.

  • Whenever using FONT face="Arial" remember to add Helvetica so you don't leave Mac users out. face="fontname" isn't a standard tag, so take caution while using it.

  • Never use <BLINK>, it's annoying!

  • Use ALT attibutes in your IMG tags.

  • Define width and height for your images in the IMG tag. It will allow your page to load faster.

  • Creating a small transparent .gif can be a very effective way of putting distance between objects on a webpage. The image can be resized to the designers need, and most importantly browsers understand .gif files.

  • When a web page appears to give you the same page after hitting your browser's Reload/Refresh button, you may want to clear the browser's cache (accessed through the browser's option menu usually)

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