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First, we feel we should give you our impression about sounds on web pages. We believe that they only add to the download time and do not add anything to the quality of the page. Add a link to the sound, so users that would like to listen may, and they do not annoy other users, especially users that are surfing from work. With that said, here is the tutorial.

<EMBED SRC="blah.mid" AUTOSTART="true or false" AUTOLOAD="true or false" WIDTH="x" HEIGHT="y" ALIGN="left, right, top, center" border="X" loop="true">


SRC = Can be any audio file such as mid, wav, or au.

Autostart = Whether the file should autostart upon loading or wait for the user to click to start.

Autoload = Should the file load into memory, or wait until clicking to load.

Loop = Enter the number of times the file should loop or enter true for automatic unlimited looping.

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