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You can create a variety of lists in your document by using the UL, OL, MENU, and DIR tags in conjunction with the LI tag. You can also create definition lists which give you a simple two column list for terms and their definitions.

For example, you can create a bulleted list, consisting of individual items preceded by a bullet character, by using UL and LI, as in the following example:
<LI>Bulleted Lists
<LI>Ordered Lists
<LI>Directory Lists
<LI>Itemized Lists
<LI>Definition Lists

You use the OL and LI tags to create an ordered list. The list consists of individual items that are sequentially numbered or lettered. To set the style of numbering or lettering, you use the TYPE= attribute in OL. Similarly, you use the START= attribute to set the initial number or letter. By default, the style is decimal numbers starting at 1.

The DIR and LI tags create a directory list, consisting of individual items, none containing more than 20 characters, displayed in columns. The MENU and LI tags create an itemized list consisting of individual items.

A definition list is an automatically formatted two-column list with terms on the left and their definitions on the right. You use the DL, DT and DD tags to create definition lists. The following example shows how to use these tags to create a list:
<DD>A furry cute animal.
<DD>A weird desert animal.

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