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The job of your banner ad is to get the attention of visitors to others' sites, make them click on your ad and visit your site. Here are some Traffic Building Tips.
  • Targeting. Set up your targeting by selecting "Set Targeting" on your Member Start page.

  • Animation can improve your click thru rate by about 25%. Be gentle with animation. A flashing cursor, or an arrow that changes color(attracting attention) are good. Too much animation will result in a lower click-thru rate. Also keep in mind that the viewer may stop the page from loading before the entire animation has loaded, leaving only the first frame. Be sure that this first frame will get your message across.

  • Cryptic messages can improve your click thru rate by about18%, messages such as "Click Here" with no obvious hint to what's behind your banner can pique a person's curiosity.

    Note:This technique may work well to get click thrus for"broadcast" un-targeted type banner advertising, but a click thru is not important unless the visitor has real interest in your site.

  • Questions can improve your click thru rate by about 16%, for example "Need Help with Your Computer?" or "Looking for a Way to Avoid the Phone?" You also can leave a question in the users mind without phrasing your sentence in the form of a question mark: "Better Web Speed Now" leaves a few questions: Better than what? Speed how? Now, as in newly available?

  • Cleanliness: An unreadable banner will get a very low clickthru rate, as will a 'busy' banner - overflowing with lots of words or differing images. Many of the top performing banners have less than 6words, and most of the words are one syllable. Terse and clean.

  • Images, not text: A picture is worth a thousand words, but be sure you say what you mean with your images. Using an image can save you lots of text on a banner. For example, a couple of credit card icons show that you accept credits cards and have something to sell online. Add an image of a computer, and you show yourself as an online computer hardware merchant, without using any words. Add the text like: "Click for best quality", and you are done.

  • A call to action can improve your click thru rate by about15%, use phrases like "Click Now!"

  • Free! can improve your click thru rate from 6% to 35%,depending on what's offered. Free Software and Hardware offers get the higher responses, while free travel and money offers rank much lower.

  • Bright colors can improve your click thru rate. Blue, green or yellow work great.

  • Change can improve your click thru rate. People are much more likely to click on a new banner than one they've already visited.

Here are some tips on what to avoid:

  • Colors such as Red, Black and White.

  • Urgency tends to turn people off. "Limited time only" and similar phrasing bring below average results. This is not the same as a Call To Action, which asks people to "Click Now."

  • Lack of focus results in lower click thru rates. If you have 2 or three different things on your banner, it will lower the click through rate (for example, "Jerodio's Star Wars, Personal Page, and Online Book Shop").

  • Unreadable banners don't get clicked on often. Be sure that your banner looks clear and readable.

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